Marta A Orlowska

Marta is based in New Malden, Greater London, UK. She photographs newborn babies, children and adults.

Marta was born some years ago but it was the good year of 2011 when she was born a photographer with the first click of her Canon camera.

To tell the truth Marta discovered her passion long before her photo-story had even begun. She was always good at finding the right moment to snap, not to mention how brilliant she was at pushing buttons…

The camera suddenly found itself in her loving hands and everything made sense: the snapping, the clicking, the button pushing – this is when she decided to pursue the photography dream. Without much ado she started the smooth journey through the passages of the aperture, ISO and shutter speed, combining them into a picture-perfect.

One of the first subjects and her greatest love is children; one child in particular – her daughter. Trying various techniques to capture moments (that she realised were passing by so quickly), she managed to build a portfolio of some sort thanks to her most beloved child.

Months have passed and Marta started to see no future in her progressing career as an accountant, she started building her portfolio and working part time in a job of her dreams: a photographer. Suddenly numbers didn’t count, instead, her head was now full of vivid images, photo ideas and sharp pictures.

Portraiture is her favourite area, as no flower, landscape or product can react to words, show emotions or offer their willingness to create unique pictures. Though, Marta loves capturing moments of changeable nature, macro world, as well as property interiors and little projects of product photography, she stays faithful to babies, children and adults portraits.

Outside both of her jobs, she’s a very keen people observer, with a passion for psychology and self-development. She loves learning languages; she writes her journal, reads tonnes of books, extending the never-ending to-read list and plays with her daughter. She also loves singing, but don’t tell anyone, as we don’t want to scare people away before they contact her! ».

The more I know the more I know I don’t know – that’s her motto. She was born in a tub full of compassion and understanding; knowing how difficult life may be at times, she’s more than happy to help you with affordable photos.

Please do drop her a line or two if you wish to get in touch about anything humanly possible. Or impossible – it’s your call.

Jo is based in Sutton, Greater London, UK. She photographs pets, children and adults.

Jo has always loved the arts, be it literature, painting, drawing, or musical theatre.
After graduating the University of the Arts London, in Camberwell with a degree in English literature, she fell into working in online advertising. In 2010 she asked Father Christmas for a DSLR camera…
And has never looked back. Photography became a hobby, but it wan’t until a little fluffy white bundle arrived that she fell in love with it (both: photography and the cat) and wanted to persue this art more and more.
Her little fluffy model, Miss Maisie (otherwise known as The Bear, you can see her on the website) became her default little model, and with the help of numerous packs of treats Miss Maisie helped her to developed the portraiture skills.
Upgrading to the new full-frame camera opened some eyes to the numerous creative opportunites there are to explore. Everyday is a learning day, with a strong longing to create something new.

You can contact Jo re pet portraiture by clicking here: CLICK

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  1. by Bart Hamming on 03/03/2014  21:29 Reply

    Hi Marta,

    Nice to know that we share a common love: the art of seeing, the art of playing with light, the beauty of innocence and the fun of taking pictures. You found me on Flickr (under my name a free eye), and I found you by taking a peek on your site. Love to see your photo's!

    Warm regards,

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