Our First MarJo Photo collaborative newborn baby photography session


At the end of February baby Freddie entered the world. He is the little brother of one of the babies we both photographed last year, baby Jay. The first newborn baby photography session was when Jay was three weeks, the second aged six months.

Freddie was a little sweetie, so sleepy, with fresh newborn skin – a newborn photographers dream!

We started the newborn photography session with a few quick photos of big brother Jay, then some of the two of them lying together on a blanket on the floor. Shooting from above I was able to get a great shot of both big and little brother.

Next, Dad lay down in the middle of his boys, with one on each arm.  This one was a bit of a toughie with both babies becoming unsettled, but Marta nailed the shot.

Dad left with his big brother for Nan’s house and we were able to focus our energy on little Freddie. We quickly set up our mobile studio in the living room next to a large floor-to-ceiling window, which was great as it meant we were able to use natural light – with just a large silver pop-up reflector (despite carrying our lighting equipment up five flights of stairs, always prepared!) Using natural lighting was great, and is our preferred choice whenever possible.

We gently positioned Freddie into a number of different poses, and used a variety of props. From cute hats, blue bunting, a stripy stuffed monkey (a gift from Nan),

to baskets, a vintage suitcase,

and finally a little ladybird suit (it was ridiculously cute!).

Though we always aim to start off a newborn session with a natural pose and no props to ensure we have one or two shots of just baby.

During the session we stopped for a few breaks for feeding (both him and us!) and was able to gain a number of lifestyle baby portraits as Mum spent time with Freddie as she would just going about her normal day. It was nice to mix up the styles to achieve those classic posed newborn baby portraitson a beanbag to more natural newborn portraits.

The hours flew by, we didn’t realise the time. Baby Freddie was a superstar (besides a spontaneous poop on the real sheepskin fluffy rug!) and responded well to Marta’s soothing techniques. The newborn photography session worked well with the two of us working together. Working as a team of two means whoever is shooting always has an assistant that understands what the other is trying to achieve; whether that meant holding and angling the reflector to gain the best light, to getting that shot which is oh-so-difficult due to having just a three second window in which to nail it.

We left our clients home feeling happy, drained but accomplished and weren’t disappointed when we reviewed our work once we got home. There were lots of shots to choose from.  It was all worth it when our client emailed us a lovely message

‘I’ll definitely be coming back for another session’

on receipt of her photos.

We’re already looking forward to the next time we get to meet little Freddie and big bro Jay- watch this space!

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