Pet Portrait Session At MarJo

For many of us our furry little friends hold an irreplaceable place in our hearts. Whether our furries were rescued, adopted, chose us, or we chose them, each one has a special and unique story to tell.

At MarJo we believe and treat each pet as an individual. From tiny hamsters, to the biggest dogs and all in-between too. Every pet has its own quirky character, which is what we at MarJo aim to capture with our cameras.

Can your chihuahua high-five? Your kitten jump for the ceiling chasing that laser pointer toy? your seniors retreat to a favourite spot in your home? or you can hear your pug’s snores from miles away? Its the portrayal of these special traits we believe make the best pet portraits.
So what can you expect from your pet portrait session? Well it’s up to you!

Does your furry friend like to run wild? an outdoor session may suit best. Spring and Autumn are beautiful for this type of session. If they like curling up in front of the fire, or snuggling at home we may be able to come to you (depending on your location) to shoot a lifestyle style session. This would be very much suited to indoor cats where travelling and new environments can stress them. Alternatively for pets that travel well you will be welcomed into our studio for an indoor session.

Please let us know your pet’s likes and dislikes in advance, as this will allow us to prepare the session appropriately and make any arrangements. We aim to make both our furry and human clients as happy and comfortable as possible as that’s when we believe we can create truly great pet portraits.

Please bring along any special toys or props you’d like to incorporate into the shoot. From clothes to cushions, beds, favourite attention grabbing toys as well as those all important treats. We find bribery tends to work pretty well, from kids to kittys!

We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend/s!

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